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About the Brigade

Firefigher Training @ South Eastern Training GroundThe Keysborough Fire Brigade was officially named in 1956 after being established as an offshoot of the Dandenong Bush Fire Brigade.  The Country Fire Authority (CFA) brigade has been located in Chapel Road Keysborough since its creation and continues to run solely off the work of committed volunteers.  Servicing Keysborough, Noble Park and Springvale, the Keysborough Fire Brigade is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   In addition to the significant commitment to protecting and serving the community, the Keysborough Fire Brigade is also largely responsible for its own fundraising, requiring further time and commitment from hardworking volunteers and their families.

It is not uncommon to find Keysborough Fire Brigade members busily cooking sausages outside Keysborough Bunnings, if you see us there, come say hello & try a snag!

The importance of volunteer fire fighters and their amazing commitment to serving local communities was never more evident than during the tragic Black Saturday fires of 2009, in which members of the Keysborough Fire Brigade were actively involved.  It is vital that local communities never forget the willingness and courage shown by fire fighters during the tragedy of 2009.  It is with those same qualities that volunteers continue to serve the local community every single day.

Volunteer fire fighters do not only attend fire calls.  The Keysborough Fire Brigade responds to assistance calls for motor vehicle accidents, wildfires, structure fires, chemical spills and gas leaks.  The Keysborough Fire Brigade also provides valuable education to the local area on fire prevention and safety procedures.  Other far more light-hearted uses of the fire truck include the transportation of Santa around community streets at Christmas and local events.  Volunteer fire fighters also donate their time to collect for various charities.Burnt Hollow Tree

While the sacrifices of time, and sometimes sleep, may seem unappealing to some, volunteers and their families report feeling a sense of pride and satisfaction at providing such a vital and necessary service.  Serving as a volunteer fire fighter provides locals with new skills, which benefits them in their professional and personal lives.  New volunteers are always welcome at the Keysborough Fire Brigade.  Full training and protective equipment is provided to ensure the safety of members, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the social benefits of belonging to a team of like-minded volunteers.

Volunteers can be students, full-time and part-time workers, unemployed or retired people.  While volunteer fire fighters are obviously in strong demand, the Keysborough Fire Brigade has a wide range of duties and positions that also require the time and commitment of volunteers, such as fundraising, communications, administration and community education.