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Mayor's visit to Keysborough Fire Station

Noble Park Captain Terence Sanford & Keysborough Captain Keith Stokoe

Meet City of Greater Dandenong's Lord Mayor Sean O'Reilly

Dandenong Mayor @ Keysborough Fire Station

Dandenong Mayor @ Keysborough Fire Station


Jim's Antennas Helps Keysborough CFA

Due to the recent storms, the station television wasn't working correctly - the antenna was damaged and needed to be replaced.

A call was put in to Jim's Antennas and, in short order, Chris Low responded and installed a top of the range Hills Black Arrow digital TV antenna free of charge.

Monitoring the TV is vital in times of potential fire danger so all the volunteers at the Keysborough CFA now have access to free to air TV during these times. A representative of Keysborough CFA, Keith Stokoe, was thrilled with the installation. He said, “Thanks so much to the team at Jim’s Antennas. Not only did they respond in quick time, they also made it known that the installation would be complimentary. I can’t thank Chris and the team enough. Live TV coverage is crucial in fire danger periods and now we have full access to all free-to-air channels”.

Jim’s Antennas CEO, Andrew Parke, greatly respects the work done by both volunteer and career firefighters and will offer assistance wherever possible. He notes, “Both the MFB and CFA do a tremendous job. They put their lives on the line to save lives and property and they deserve our assistance when required. I’m glad we could help out in any way possible.

Jim's Antennas fixes station antenna

Jim's Antennas fixes station antenna